What happens when an extremely intelligent, often manipulative, person gets to be one of the first five people in the world to play the first VRMMO? Join Brenton, AKA Voice0fReason, as he adventures in the realm of DIVE. He might not be the best fighter, or even the best player, but with his cunning he will one day rule this game. That is, if he manages to actually overcome everything the game seems to throw at him.

My Opinion: There are currently 89 chapters available with new chapters released almost weekly. I break the story down into two parts: Pre-launch, and Post-launch.

In the prelaunch story there are only five players who have gotten early access to the VR game by winning a contest. The main character has a unique skill of combining other skills and uses this time to explore skills like potion making, herbalism, etc.

Post launch opens the world to all other players. There’s a weird rebirth element that’s added at this point but after that it gets better with the main character interacting with more players and trying to establish a place to rule.