God’s Trials

Peace finally reigned throughout the world. The dungeons cleared, the monsters pushed back, the golden age of man seemed to be upon us.

Until God chose chaos and in that chaos, the world was forever changed.

This once peaceful world turned into a land of death. Monsters are now everywhere, Indomitable beasts roam freely, and seemingly none of the survivors are safe.

The gods that survived after stitching reality back together have managed to leave humanity with one last ray of hope though,

The ability to evolve and become “more”, but this “gift” isn’t what it seems, and neither are the gods.

In this new world the strong will survive and the weak will die.

Evolve or die.

My Opinion: The world as we know it ends and now the world is full of monsters and mana. Three teens must work together and grow stronger in this RPG world to survive. The main character has chaos mana that lets him take on stronger monsters than his group could normally handle. The story is mostly action with some interpersonal questioning about the new morality needed to survive in this new world.