Sigil Online: Paragons

Loss was nothing new to an orphan like Riley. But when the online persona he'd spent years building, was ripped away by a monster with unbelievable power, everything changed.

As a gamer who made a living from Sigil Online, losing his character meant losing his job and any means he had of paying his bills.

Now, he had to start from the beginning just like any other player joining Sigil Online for the first time. All the fame and fortune of a high-level character, was gone.

Experience the harrowing quest that will leave Riley changed forever, as he's molded by the pursuit of the monster that took everything from him.

My Opinion: 520 pages. $5.99 as an e-book, $14.99 print edition, also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Riley plays a superhero themed VRMMO, unfortunately he lost the game character he’d invested the last two years of his life building to a rare monster. Since a big feature of the game is permadeath, he has to create a new character and find some way to gain the elusive hero powers available in the game.

From one of the authors of the Permadeath series. Sigil Online epitomizes one the things I love the most about the LitRPG genre. The sheer variety of stories that can be told. It would have never occurred to me to write a superhero themed LitRPG. Yet it works wonderfully. The writing is solid and game mechanics feel innovative. Instead of automatically gaining powers as a character levels, they must discover a unique way of gaining them. Until they do a player is just an ordinary and vulnerable citizen of the game world. It’s a fun story that’s set in a unique world.

Score: 7 out of 10

Sigil Online: Paragons