Watch the PC Gaming Press event at E3

This year at E3 there was finally a PC press event. Sure it was sponsored by AMD the PC graphics card manufacturer but it was still nice to see PC gaming get some love. This was a looonngg event. Over two hours. Below the video is the summary of all the announcements made during the event. 

PC Gaming Announcements

Rising Storm 2 trailer

Star Citizen-Behind the scenes look at all the motion capture work for the game.

AMD talks about how their cards make PC gaming better

·        AMD Radeon R7 360

·        AMD Radeon R9 380-high end gaming graphics card. Highlight free sync.

·        AMD announces VR 7 series-Direct CU II

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided- Moved into the Dawn engine S12.

·        Game play shown. Stealth versus gun how action. The augmented tech looks amazing.

Total War Warhammer trailer

·        Adds fantastic Warhammer miniature creatures to the total war game. Giants, Griffins, and Trolls Oh my.

Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer talks

·        Windows 10 adds benefits to PC gaming, Direct X 12, bringing Kill Zone to the PC.

·        Fable Legends

o   Premiere video that shows off the many environments. Story based world with over two dozen creatures to fight. Planned added content over years with new creatures and heroes.

·        Gigantic- 5 on 5 PVP. Objective to kill the enemy guardian. Shooter, Melee, and summoning depending on character choice. Customize your characters. Open Beta later this year.

·        Announcement that Gears of War Ultimate Edition coming to PC. Updated graphics. Rebuilt game assets to optimize for PC. 4K resolution support. Support new Elite wireless controller. Supports Xbox live game DVR to record your play sessions.


·        American Truck Simulator trailer- Game developed using Google Maps.

·        Eve Valkyrie- Head of development at CCP talks about the game being designed for VR from day 1. Actual gameplay footage of someone playing the game with the final Oculus consumer headset.  Multiplayer competitive space combat.

·        Day Z creator Dean Hall talks about his new game ION and Valve’s Early Access Program. Day Z became really popular quickly before it was finished or polished. ION is a space exploration and Space station survival. Diablo style overhead 3D environment.

·        Strafe- The director of Pixel Times talks about the procedurally generated Doom style game play of Strafe. Player versus waves of enemies in a pixel styled world. Live game demo.

·        Announcement of Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part 1- Great trailer hints at new storyline. Promises new quests, raised level cap, new abilities, and new companions.

·        Elite Dangerous creator announces new game Planet Coaster a theme park simulator. Available December 2015. Trailer looks…interesting.

·        Guild Wars 2 expansion-Heart of Thorns. Revealed guild hall addition to the game

o   trailer explaining how players get land (an entire map for guild to own) to build their hall through conquest, build new buildings, gain trainers, guild specific crafting, amazing city wide decorations,  build your own arena for PVP.

o   Guild teleportation systems to support guild missions. Build a War Room to build tools (like combat airships) to fight in World Versus World combat.

o   Pre-purchase available now and gets you access to all the Betas.

·        Hitman-See the trailer again. Emphasize improved graphics.

AMD announces new Cards

o   AMD Radeon R9 Fury X- New Flagship card

o   AMD Radeon R9 Nano- their smallest 4K graphics card. Only six inches long

o   16 Teraflop gaming system with 2 Fiji GPUs chips

o   Duel Fiji GPU Card, don’t know what this means but I assume it’s super cool

·        Newly Announced Arma 3 expansion- Trailer shows of large island terrains called Tanoa. Improved texture graphics with Direct X 12.

·        Beyond Eyes- An exploration game teased briefly during the Sony press conference. You play a blind girl explores the world through her other senses. We get to see what she senses in a beautiful water color art style and amazing audio sound track.

·        Dirty Bomb-Team based multiplayer shooter. Two teams fight each other and Ai to accomplish a mission. Available now on Steam. Free to play.

·        Amnesia creator announce new first person horror game SOMA available Sept 22nd. Very Creepy Trailer.

·        Day Z has been in early access for over a year perfecting the game. Over 3 million people have downloaded the game. Announcing added features- vehicles that need to be repaired to use, tease feature complete Beta later this year, and a single player campaign. Support modding with steam workshop for the single player campaign and private Day Z servers with all the mods you want to use.

·        Take on Mars-A space sim exploration game from Bohemia Interactive. Build physics based space and mars bases. Destructable buildings and ships.  Multiplayer survival mode.

·        Project Blue Screen- Cliff Bleszinski talks about the new game studio he started, Boss Key Productions, after leaving the Gears of War franchise. Beautiful Alpha footage shown using unreal 4 from Boss Key productions.

·       Enter the Dungeon- Indie bullet hell dungeon crawler. Procedural generated levels in the 8-bit style.  Awesome gameplay with Co-Op available. Over 200 weapons available.

·        Blizzard Entertainment

o   Talk about Heroes of the Storm, their new MOBA, and the first expansion Eternal Conflict. Trailer looks neat.  New Heroes from Diablo like the Skeleton King.  He has an Entomb ability to trap enemies, great Wide swing ability, and a passive Wraith mode that is used to haunt the enemy when he dies. Monk gets to choose his own traits at begging of game.  Available June 30th.

o   Star Craft 2-Legacy of the Void is going to end the story began in the original Star Craft. Sweet trailer too. July 2015 Beta.

·        No Man’s Sky- Massive space exploration, crafting, fighting. Will release for PS4 and PC.