Watch the full Nintendo Press Event from E3

Nintendo held an interesting Digital press event at E3 where they announced some great stuff including the return of StarFox, a way to create custom Mario levels, and more. Watch the video below for the full event and below that is the summary of the announcements.

Nintendo (digital event)

·        StarFox: Zero- One of the best games on the Nintendo 64. StarFox returns Holiday 2015. Fly around on the main TV but aim with the WiiU tablet.

·        Nintendo NX project details in 2016-Sorry

·        Amiibo- Sky Lander Superchargers adds vehicles to the game and special ability trees. Compatible with Skylander and Amiibo but only on Nintendo.

·        The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes-DS Co-Op game play. New outfits give new abilities to Link.

·        Hyrule Warriors for the 3DS- Q1 2016

·        Fire Emblem Fates-Cell shaded action rpg battle. 2016.

·        FE- Dance adventure RPG. Available 2016

·        Xenoblade Chronicles-Marooned on an alien planet you fight against monsters and other aliens in this sci-fi action RPG. Did we mention the Mechs?  Oh, there are Mechs. Release 12/4/15

·        Animal Crossing- September 2015

·        Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival- animal crossing characters play on the WiiU tablet. Holiday 2015.

·        Yoshi’s Wooly World- Sept 15, 2015. Yarn Amiibo characters- Single player or Co-Op. also have 2nd player Ai. Use Amiibo’s to change how Yoshi looks. Ie: Mario looking Yoshi when you place Mario Amiibo on WiiU Tablet.

·        Yo-kai Watch: Capture spirits and use them to battle other evil Yo-Kai. Holiday 2015.

·        Mario & Luigi Paper Jam-Paper Mario visits the regular Mario world. Spring 2016.

·        Mario Tennis

·        Super Mario Maker- Allows players to create custom Mario levels and share with others online. Uses Mario title specific assets to create infinite custom levels. Available Sept 11, 2015.