The full Square Enix press event from E3

 At the Square Enix press event, they announced some great Final Fantasy news. Watch the video below for the full press event. Bellow the video is the summary of their announcements. 

Square Enix Announcements

·        Just Cause 3- Open world franchise. Let players do what they want, when they want. Available Dec 1, 2015.

·        NieR- game tease more information Fall 2015

·        Lara Croft-Rise of the Tomb Raider. Nov 10, 2015. Details on how Laura was created using detailed motion capture and body scans.

·        Mobile Games

o   Hitman Go – turn based exploration and movement

o   Hitman Sniper

o   Lara Croft Go- turn based exploration

·        Dragon Quest Heroes-

·        Final Fantasy XII remake-more to come this winter

·        Final Fantasy XII release on ios Summer 2015.

·        Kingdom Hearts Unchained- On mobile devices. Sweet. Links to Kingdom Hearts 3.

·        Kingdom Hearts 3-Open exportable world. Great trailer. Liked the Light Parade powers. Xbox One and PS4. No release date.

·        World of Final Fantasy- Cute Mii looking characters that combines character pet collection and RPG action. Set in a new universe Grimoire.

·        Hitman-Reboot of the franchise. Expandable game through regular updates that add new missions and locations. Timed (in real world) missions that multiple people around the world work together on or against each other simultaneously.  December 8th release date.

·        Triad Wars-mobile game?

·        Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness-Available for the PS4. Real time battle system. 2016 release.

·        Deus Ex: Mankind Divided-The augmented are turned into second class citizens and put into ghettoes. Teams up with hacker activist to bring down the Corporations. New tools. Improved graphics. Choices matter and determine the game ending. Q1 2016 release.

·        Final Fantasy Portal App- Official information on all Final Fantasy products. English version coming Summer 2015.

·        Tokyo RPG Factory will create new Japanese RPGs. Project SETSUNA set for 2016 release.

·        Final Fantasy XV-Brief teaser.