The Sony announcements at E3

At the Sony E3 press event, they announced a lot of great games and more. Bellow the video is the summary of their 2-hour event.

Sony Announcements

·        The Last Guardian set to premier 2016

·        Horizon: Zero Dawn- A post-apocalyptic open world survival game.  Giant techno beasts roam a world were humans are thrown back to Stone Age tech mostly.

·        Hitman- Agent 47 returns to assassinate targets around the world. Coming to all consoles and PC.

·        Street Fighter 5- Sony PS4 and PC exclusive. Get Beta access if you pre-order.

·        No Man’s Sky- Play in a huge universe sized sandbox game in this space shooter. Participate in space battles, chart new star systems, scan planets for new resources to harvest, or explore new worlds on foot.

·        Sony Dreams- A creation tool to make 3D scenes and animate them through puppeteering. Able to add music.

·        Firewatch-An incredible first person survival adventure game with your only companion, a woman’s voice on the radio.

·        Destiny:  The Take King -Expansion adds new enemy types, new missions, new powers, and new weapons.

·        Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate – Play as Jacob or his twin Evie Frye, female assassin. She has a stylish cane sword and throwing knives.

·        World of Final Fantasy- Exclusive to Sony. Cute Final Fantasy characters explore the world and add famous characters while exploring the story.

·        Final Fantasy 7 remake- One of the most beloved Final Fantasy games is getting a remake exclusive to Sony first.

·        Shenmue 3- Created as a Kickstarter project by the original designer. Premieres on the Sony E3 stage to gain support for the project.

·        Batman: Arkham Knight- Teases the death of the Batman

·        Sony Morpheus- Several single player trailers, Multiplayer game Rigs: 3 on 3 battle game.

·        Playstation Vue- A la carte channel subscription of channels. Showtime, Machinima and many more.

·        Call of Duty Black Ops 3-Set in the year 2065 players can work together to complete story missions in 5 player Co-op. Configure your load out before you start the mission. Multiplayer shown off. Available Nov. 6, 2015.

·        Star Wars will appear on Disney Infinity 3.0 along with Marvel, and Pixar. Twilight of the Republic Playset Episode 3. Rise against the Empire, set in the original trilogy. Exclusive limited edition Star Wars starter pack for PS4 including the Boba Fett figure.

·        Star Wars Battlefront- Release Nov. 17th 2015. First look at Co-Op action.

·        Last but not least.

·        Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End- One action packed game. Holy Toledo was that gameplay amazing.