Shattered City: (A litRPG/LitFPS book) (Call of Reality Book 1)

Roland never wanted to be in the Army. He didn't want to be penniless either. The Army wanted him though.

Roland Mellors couldn't find work. The second industrial revolution had left anyone without high-level qualifications poor and unemployed. When he tries to get just one beer to drown his sorrows he ends up in a recruitment office with an offer he can't refuse.

Shattered City is a LitRPG/LitFPS story. It is the start of a series that follows Roland as he tries to fit in within the army. That army has decided to use a full immersion virtual reality game to fight its wars. He enters the game world to fight and work off his new contract.

Will Roland survive in this virtual world of war or will he suffer for his entire career?

Find out in this first installment of the Call of Reality series.

Dream III: Wind of Souls (Dream Trilogy Book 3)

What if legends aren’t really legends? What happens when pixels, imagination, and dice are replaced with steel, flesh, and arcane power?

Shad, Derek, Fred, and Jeff are just ordinary guys. They did their time in Iraq, hold regular jobs, and spend some of their free time playing RPGs on their game platforms and at the table.

Until they were shanghaied into a place where magic and the mystic had been banished from Earth. Eventually, with great difficulty they returned home and got on with their lives, only to be blackmailed into returning yet again.

They chose to pursue their blackmailer into another Sphere, or alternative world, this one resembling Nippon in the Edo period, albeit with influences from other cultures and a heavy necromancer presence.

Once again the Black Talons, bickering and insulting each other all the while, must find and confront those who would use them for their own nefarious plots. Cecil intends to summon the Wind of Souls and the four are determined to stop him, if nothing more than for revenge. In a land of Samurai the four Texans must learn patience, subtlety, and a new way of looking at things. Once again they are not the biggest nor the brightest piece of the gameboard, but as usual they are undeterred.