The Mountain Valley War - 2nd Dive Concludes (World Tree Online)


Thrown into a conflict beyond the scope of anything Bye-bye ever imagined, he will be tested in ways he never imagined. Whether that means stopping a war or just taking the girl he likes on a date, he certainly has his work cut out for him.

Tensions are rising and if Bye-bye and his friends can’t put a stop to a brewing war, Anvilton and Hammerton might just destroy each other. That is, if the other adventurers don’t destroy them first. With the odds stacked against them, will Bye-bye and his friends survive the Mountain Valley War? Or will the flames of war consume them, leaving nothing but ash in their wake?

My Opinion: 670 pages, $5.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Full disclosure: I received an advanced copy for review. I purchased a copy when it became available.

This novel is huge, over 600 pages. So a really good KU read and is still reasonably priced at less than one cent a page. It also has some really solid storytelling combined with a likable group of players that are easy to root for. It expands on the big events of book 2 with a pretty satisfying conclusion. There is a bit of a cliff hanger that doesn’t affect the resolution of the novel's plot, but is a big tease for the next book’s plot.

Overall, book 3 continues to give all the stuff you liked about the series. There is a good likeable group with lots of banter, good action-adventure. The novel continues to be one the more crunchy LitRPG series with lots of stats, magic, and ability descriptions. Lots of numbers.

The training scenes are well fleshed out as they have been for the series. I think some people may get a little tired of them since the book is a bit longer, but I like them. Especially the ones in the puzzle room/simulation. I always like the holodeck like vibe there.

While the action is well written, I found that the most memorable moments came from the interpersonal stuff that give secondary characters interesting stories. Baby's gamer fiance, the shaman's totems, the relationship between MC and Rose.

Overall, I thought the novel was entertaining and full of interesting quests and RPG progression. The last 25% in particular did a good job of bringing the big plotlines to a satisfying conclusion even if there is a little wand waving.

Score: 7.5 out of 10

The Mountain Valley War - 2nd Dive Concludes (World Tree Online)