Earth Force (Relict Legacy Book 1)

On the first day, a mist descended from the heavens blanketing earth.


On the second day, a cryptic message, ‘Infusion commencing’, appeared in the corner of everyone’s eyes.

On the third day, the sick were healed and the crippled walked again.

On the fourth day, celebration and joy spread across the globe.

And on the fifth day, the warping began…

There was no warning.

A mist descended from the sky, disabling all technology and causing a weird message to appear at the corner of everyone’s eye. The situation grew even worse as animals and people started to warp, transforming into terrible monsters that prey on the livings.

Within months, human civilization had crumbled. Unable to fight the seemingly-indestructible beasts, the survivors are reduced to cowering in reinforced shelters. Waiting for the end to come. Helpless.

All seemed lost until a few brave souls discovered the secret of their new reality: the Tec and how to use it to level up.

Together they represent humanity’s last best hope for salvation. But they first must find the answers to the mystery of their new existence.

Their journey will require them to quickly adapt to alien technology, operate strange spaceships, and even befriend an extra-terrestrial merchant with an Inferiority Complex.

My Opinion: 412 pages, $4.99, Not Available On Kindle Unlimited

A slice of life sci-fi alien tech adventure set against an RPG cataclysm. The story isn't quiet an RPG apocalypse story because of the lack of survivalist stuff or any real apocalypse like tension. But it's a close cousin. The story starts several months after an RPG cataclysm when all the world's tech failed, everyone got RPG interfaces and levels, and 10% of all life mutated into monsters. People have figured out how to survive, a few of the new rules, and how to build safe areas. The twist with this story happens when three humans find a crashed alien ship and get a boost to their tech and RPG powers. They use that advantage to start to take back their area from the tech fused monsters and the gangs of power hungry humans and learn about just why the cataclysm happened and how they can help humanity survive.

The story leans a little more towards sci-fi action, and is a little lighter on RPG stuff than the author’s other series, Life Reset. It still has levels, stats, classes, notifications, and RPG progression. But much of the story deals with earth being bombarded by alien tech, the unintended consequences, and the MCs learning about it and mastering that tech all to help mankind survive.

Overall, the story is pretty slice of life but still interesting. Good fights, reasonable RPG progression, and interesting alien sci-fi.

Score: 7.4 out of 10

Earth Force (Relict Legacy Book 1)