Dark World [Transformation. Book II]


The familiar world collapsed overnight. As the Transformation progressed, disasters occurred throughout the Earth. Materials changed their properties, new species of flora and fauna appeared. The Game converted our world into a huge dungeon, completely replacing the previous civilization.

However, the alien plans for Earth began to go awry from the very beginning. The conversion was less successful than expected. An ordinary young man stole the bonus for the first gaming action, depriving the invaders of their perk.

How can he manage the situation? Which of the aliens will become his ally? Which ones are his enemy? Dare they rebel against the all-powerful invaders, regain their land and even create a new world?

My Opinion: 557 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Definitely some translation issues, with odd phrases not making a complete translation. Still, nothing that ruins the story for me, but if that stuff bothers you it might be better to download a sample first.

Yar and his group are sent to the Dark World, a place with different RPG rules than those imposed on earth. The story is still very slice of life, but the shift to this new world abandons the RPG Apocalypse story of book 1.

The big story goal is to build up and defend a magical academy with new enemies showing to stop the group from surviving. Also an expansion on the larger political factions in the universe and their impact on the group as the MC becomes more powerful and gets more influence. Believe it or not, this is even more of an OP MC story than book 1 with the MC fighting, making up spells, saving different races, a little bit of crafting, and slice of life adventuring. Fun in its own way, but you have to be ok with OP characters and slice of life adventures.

Score: 7.1 out of 10

Dark World [Transformation. Book II]