Quest Accepted (XP: Unlocked Book One) A LitRPG Fantasy Series


Getting in was easy. Getting out will be the challenge of their lives.

Trapped on opposite ends of an immersive virtual reality fantasy game world, Evan and his sister Audyn embark on a quest where the choices they make can tip the scales of life and death. Their only hope lies in learning magic, crafting, skills, and forming unlikely alliances, to confront an evil intent on destroying them.

They must rely on the power they find both within the world and themselves to survive, before they are locked in forever.

My Opinion: 377 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

A bit of a miss for me. The story feels pretty forced sometimes and the cyberpunk reason for the main characters (MCs) to be trapped in the game in the first place was such a waste. It really doesn’t impact the story and is explained in a rush at the end. Ultimately the story is pretty slice of life with the MCs getting trapped in a game and going on adventures that kill them repeatedly, without consequence, until they get some levels. Then a ‘chosen one’ plot is forced on them and that plays out pretty predictably. The action ok, but not great.

Game mechanic wise there are character sheets, stats, skill increases, levels. But it all doesn't feel like it matters. Like increases on strength or intelligence don't seem to have an appreciable effect on combat or the story. Oh, there are notifications galore and characters acknowledge them but there aren't damage notifications or details that show stat increases mean anything. This gives the story more more of a portal fantasy vibe sometimes even though there are notifications and character sheets.

Overall, even though it had an good sense of humor and decent character development, the story as a whole didn’t work for me. However, if you prefer more of a fantasy novel vibe to your LitRPG, this may work better for you.

Score: 6 out of 10

Quest Accepted (XP: Unlocked Book One) A LitRPG Fantasy Series