Seven Worlds: Volume 1 (A litrpg / Wuxia Short Series)


Timothy never anticipated that he'd join an organization that would take his memory and send him from world to world, however, that is what he did and now he's starting in another village in another world underneath the land above...

A mysterious organization is in control of his life, but that won't stop him from fraternizing with the locals and learning about their mysterious traditions, skills and the men and women that make up their world... For a brief sum of money almost any village under the organization's alters are able to call him down to their planet and make him do missions under the rules of the organization... In exchange, he tries his hardest to level up and reach level 30, which will allow him to remember all the worlds he's gone to before and start on his journey of the legendary seven worlds!

His only wish is to move forward as fast as possible towards his goal... Even if it means slighting those who try and fight against him, and killing them without mercy or regard for their families!

Disclaimer: This is a very quick paced short story that tells an entire tale in a brief amount of time... You can expect gore, violence and some minor heart warming moments plus a character that is willing to use his brain... Hope you enjoy.

My Opinion: 35 pages, $2.99, Available On Kindle Unlimited

The RPG stuff is definitely regular and apart of the story with a whole system in place to convert XP to currency, a larger transfer system, mixed with a summoning system. Yet, the beginning is so awkward and forced that I had a hard time enjoying the story. It improves a bit in the last 10% but not enough to be entertaining overall.

 Score: 6 out of 10

Seven Worlds: Volume 1 (A litrpg / Wuxia Short Series)