Sleeping Player (Project Chrysalis Book 3)


Wake up, Sagie…

Have you heard about what happened at Castle Airis five years ago? Don’t talk too loud, it's dangerous right now. They’re still looking for that certain wanderer. If you have any information, please, let us know.

How difficult is it to survive the human world, full of people hellbent on destruction, as a poor cat?

"People = danger," LJ knows that for sure. But maintaining a distance is not that easy when the home you care about is becoming an epicenter of a demon invasion. He has to be strong and know right from wrong, no matter what the voices whisper to him in his bloody and restless dreams.

Five peaceful years have passed since the war with the undead ended. Respite is over now. A war has raised it’s demonic sword. New, talented, and tricky high-level wanderers are ready to confront the threat or to cause even more destruction.

“Sleeping Player” is the third installment in the LitRPG series Project Chrysalis by John Gold. This story is far from its end. No wanderer has been able to reach Crossroads of Worlds yet, no matter how skillful and masterful they were. The gods are still afraid and filled with fear after what happened in Castle Airis, while officers of Chrysalis keep looking for pretenders.

It is time to wake up.


My Opinion: 362 pages, $6.95, Not on Kindle Unlimited

The third book in the Project Chrysalis series almost lost me.

The beginning of the novel doesn’t even really feel like a LitRPG story, or at least not like one in the the same series. It starts with the main character, LJ the boy who thinks he’s a cat, and his adventures. Even though the story reconnects with the main character from the first two books, this section still feels like a different series because there’s a significant 5 year time jump between books 2 and 3. There’s an all new settings, new characters, and the pacing of the story shifts slows down too. For me, the early part of the story just wasn’t that interesting and there were several times I considered just putting it down.

Then, I got to the halfway mark and BOOM, the story just exploded back to the things I liked about books 1 and 2. Wonderful fights, old interesting characters return, and the quest for revenge actually makes some progress. The pace picks up significantly and boy is that ending epic. By the end of the story I was cheering for our hero and the novel had won me over again.

Overall, I still had a good time with the story, though the beginning is a little tough to get through.

Score: 7.1 out of 10

Sleeping Player (Project Chrysalis Book 3)