The Halfling Cleric: A LitRPG Adventure


When firefighter, Rob Saunders, is called to the scene of a raging fire and the floor beneath him collapses, he’s severely injured and rushed to the nearest hospital.

Luckily, the doctors manage to stabilize and ultimately save him. And so begins his slow rehabilitation. But with third-degree burns all over his body, Rob is in constant pain. He has trouble even functioning because of his injuries. That’s when he’s offered a spot in an experimental program that aims to provide relief through immersion in a VRMMORPG.

Rob accepts the proposal and discovers a wonderful world where not only he can find a new purpose in his life but also feel at peace.

However, not all patients using this technology share the same laudable goals. As Rob will quickly realize, the testing is also opened to people from other units…. Units where the disorder that is under treatment is of a psychiatric nature. Soon, Rob—as his in-game avatar Tolsar—will have to deal with griefers set on hurting others and destroying that amazing world.


My Opinion: 272 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

The entire story is one info dump after another. Everything from backstory, to family issues, to character creation info and game mechanics is just told to the reader or paragraphs of description with the main character doing little to nothing. There are some fights, but they are bland. It was so hard to get through the entire story. There are a few good moments but they’re rare and not only was I bored most of the story I was actively annoyed by the sheer amount of info dumps.

Score: 4 out of 10

The Halfling Cleric: A LitRPG Adventure