Rescue (The Stork Tower Book 4)


A simple error leaves Leah with a unique Neural Enhancement Chip and a rapidly evolving AI implanted in her brain. In Nascent, she evaded kidnapping by virtual slavers and helped shut down some operations of the virtual crime syndicate that uses mind-controlled players as slaves.

In Odyssey, she not only found a way to escape but she also uncovered deeper plots being carried out in both the virtual multi-universe and reality.

In 'Change', Leah began learning how to use the additional connections her chip has made throughout her body. The Pod facility she opened expanded as she helped others from her neighbourhood. She discovered that the crime syndicate has an even greater presence in the virtual multiverse than she’d imagined. As she begins to unravel some of their secrets, they tarnish her reputation and begin removing allies and friends who can help her.

In 'Rescue' Leah works to save some of her family and friends who are held captive by the syndicate. Through all of this, she continues to expand her presence, position and power in the virtual multi-verse, in her studies and real life.


My Opinion: 400 pages??, $4.49, Available on Kindle Unlimited

This is a good addition to the series. If you’ve enjoyed the other novels in the series, this one does not disappoint and you’ll likely enjoy this one too. It has all the action, adventure, intrigue, RPG game play, sci-fi,  AI stuff, that you’ve come to enjoy about the series.

The real life storyline is kicked up a notch when one of Leah’s family members is kidnapped. Leah and her expanding crew have to decide how to find her mom and if they’ll have to give into the kidnappers demands. There’s also advancement on several other storylines, including possible traitors in her group, and with the MCs schooling.

The game storylines advance as well, with some truly interesting stuff happening in the fantasy game world. The scifi game is on the back burner for the most part but ties directly into the real world kidnapping story. There’s also an introduction to two new game worlds, one a rune discovery game and a steampunk world. The streampunk world definitely has the most time in the novel next to the fantasy world.

One of the things I always like about this series is how committed the main character (MC) is to opposing bullies.  I find it so funny when MC uses her understanding of contracts and logic processes to push back against crime lords, academic institutes, the media, and even the big corporations. The extension of bad faith actions from earlier books is having consequences here. It’s great follow through by the author.

The only thing I didn’t like about the story is the steampunk stuff. It’s just not my thing. Additionally, this novel is getting very very busy. There are almost no cool down or lull periods in the story. Almost every minute, the MC is doing something to advance one of the dozen storylines in the novel. This anxious pacing may be a turn off for some people. But you’ll probably have figured that out by the 4th book.

Overall, I liked this story and stayed up way too late to finish reading it.

Score: 7 out of 10

Rescue (The Stork Tower Book 4)