Murder Death Chill: A Slaughter Royale LitRPG


".... I ran a hand over my body, quickly and while on the move. Yes, I was me. Lean and lithe, female but hard. They don't get it wrong too often lately. Back in the day I once manifested in-game as a sumo wrestler, and sumo dude got stuck playing a plucky, 19-year-old gymnast who didn't look like much on the outside but in her skill-set packed over a hundred ways to kill an adversary with her bare hands. Neither of us lasted long that time, as I didn’t really know much about executing ground-and-pound moves, and he was out of his depth doing somersaults and eagle claw eye slashes. Got nowhere near the prize money that time..."

Slaughter Royale. 100 enter. Ten survive.

"The goober to my left, though – coming right at me. Dude, I wanted to say, it's not like this is a bounty tourney. Some tournaments give a bounty on each kill, which comes out of the prize money at the end, which wasn't really my thing. I killed when I had to, but didn't seek it out, preferring to survive into the prize money as easy-peasy as possible.

Not that I had anything against killing. It's more that I had nothing against not killing, too..."

Slaughter Royale. The new litRPG series by W.A. Clunie.


My Opinion: 25 pages, $0.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Quick intro into this online competitive combat game, Slaughter Royale Online. Hundreds of players enter, each with their own builds, but only the top 10 win the prize money. Everyone spawns in a random location with nothing except a grey unitard. Players can craft gear and weapons, or loot/trade the stuff others make, if they want equipment. The female main character (MC), Angel O’Death, is witty, snarky, and an aggressive fighter. In combat she combines an elegant leaping style of fighting with ground and pound brutality.

The story is about this tournament. She fights against a wide variety of opponents with different playstyles. There’s a little crafting but it’s mostly action oriented. Good combat scenes.

Score: 7 out of 10

Murder Death Chill: A Slaughter Royale LitRPG