Killing Time: The Realms Book 1.5 - (A Humorously Epic LitRPG Adventure)


What the Hell Happened to Lex?

All Lex wanted was to help his good buddy Gryph find his sister and maybe save the world along the way. But everything goes wrong from the start when Lex gets separated from Gryph during their transfer into the Realms. Lost, alone, and forced to live the same day over and over, Lex must defeat the agent of a despotic god, uncover hidden truths about himself, and find his way back to his friend. If he fails the Realms face destruction.

Killing Time is a short novel that bridges the gap between The Realms Book One: Barrow King and the soon to be released The Realms Book Two: The Lost City. It is a tale of adventure, mayhem and loyalty, filled with crazy action, way too much stupidity and tons of laughs.


My Opinion: 290 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

This is a LitRPG groundhog day side story. It focuses on Lex, the sidekick of the 1st book in the series and describes what’s happened to him before meeting back up with the main character of that story in book 2. Lex basically has a groundhog day experience where he power levels a bunch of skills and reconciles his programming as an NPC with his free will. It’s interesting to read about the clever ways Lex tries to exploit his the time loop to level and gain a bunch of skills and abilities.

It might get repetitive for some readers but I enjoyed reading it.

Score: 7 out of 10.

Killing Time: The Realms Book 1.5 - (A Humorously Epic LitRPG Adventure)