Freehaven Online: Winter Dungeonland (Book 3)


Great Uncle Winter has a dark secret—milk and cookies. He doesn't just like them, he needs them to maintain his essential goodness. When an abominable snow rat infestation devours his entire stash in the North Pole he starts to turn evil, and Justine's guild must reunite a lost tribe of elves that abandoned the North Pole centuries ago to bring the big man in red the greatest cookies in all the land.

Problem is, the lost tribe doesn't want to be found, and monsters turn up around every corner. They'll battle frost wyrms, frozen rat fiends, and other terrors of the cold in the name of protecting Winter Festival cheer.

Now that the quest to unlock the elusive logout button has been revealed, Justine needs to assemble a team of adventurers to travel to the North Pole before the winter celebration. What they find there could change the holidays in Freehaven Online forever. An end to their imprisonment in virtual reality is at stake, and the only way their holiday wishes of returning to the real world will come true is if they can save a virtual Santa.

My Opinion: 500 pages, $5.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

If you liked the holiday themed adventure modules for your fantasy MMOs, then you’ll enjoy this story. Cause it really does a good job of carrying over that vibe. There’s not a ton of main storyline advancement. Instead, it’s a bunch of special quests and newly opened holiday themed locations for the characters you like from the series to explore. The quests are cute, and there’s lots of gear for the characters that are Christmas and Thanksgiving themed.

However, for me, the story didn’t work. And that’s not because the story was poorly written or anything. It has good action and adventure, nice reliable banter, and there are some good funny moments. I actually did like the take the author did with Santa. For me, I just never liked those temporary holiday quests in my MMOs. They always annoyed me.

However, if you want a LitRPG story that feels really festive, or you loved those holiday quests in MMO’s, I think you will enjoy this one a lot more than me.

Score: 6 out of 10

Freehaven Online:  Winter Dungeonland (Book 3)