The Third Realm (Ten Realms Book 3)


With the third realm new challenges arise.

Erik searches for Old Hei while Rugrat deals with his broken mana system. For both, their path takes them towards the alchemist association's trial.

They didn't mean to get into trouble, they swear, but in the ten realms trouble is not far behind the duo. They'll have to fight across the third realm to complete the alchemist association's trial.

All isn't peaceful in the first realm as Alva and Vermire will face one of their greatest challenges yet.

Chaos or creation, there's no knowing what might happen in the ten realms.

My Opinion: 666 pages, $5.99, Not Available on Kindle Unlimited

By the third book in the series, you’re either on board by now or not. So, the review is much simpler. This is a good addition to the series. Compared to book 2, there more good action in the front half of the story. There are still plenty of jerks trying to take advantage or bully our heroes and they get their comeuppance. The novel doesn’t forget the crafting either. There are good sections dedicated to Erik's Alchemy progression, Rugrat's smithing, the dungeon group development, and other crafting. The only part that take a bit of a backseat this time is the cultivation. It’s all part of the story, but our MCs have hit a snag there that’s part of the plot. Overall, good stuff and a good value for the page count.

Score: 7.5 out of 10

The Third Realm (Ten Realms Book 3)