Hero Time: a LitRPG novel (Metagamer Chronicles Book 3)


The difference between a hero and a tyrant is charisma.

Fresh off their defeat of the lich’s army, Gary and his friends find themselves preparing for an even larger threat. While unlocking elder magic gave them the juice they needed to turn aside one foe, it unstoppered the bottle holding back an ancient evil. Gary knows what’s coming because he wrote it.

Now, with political responsibilities crushing him from one side and a demonic army looming on the other, Gary must balance the necessity of victory with the means to achieve it.

After all, what good is saving a kingdom only to become the villain?

My Opinion: 175 pages, $4.99, Not Available on Kindle Unlimited

While the story is rushed in places and I thought a few of the time jumps were a little annoying, this is what I’d always wanted from the series. In book 1, Gary, the main character (MC), was too passive and alone. In book 2, he finally has someone from our world to talk gaming with but the story is relatively small still.

Finally, the MC) and all his friends are all finally aware they’re in their tabletop game and it’s so much more fun. There’s plenty of meta gaming, exploitation of GM knowledge, banter, and the end is very touching and totally wraps up the series. Really good stuff.

Score: 7.6 out of 10

Hero Time: a LitRPG novel (Metagamer Chronicles Book 3)