SLIME: Call of Tuatha (Book 1)


Lysander Blacknail invested forty hard years of his life in service to the boar god, Tuatha, but in Lysander's greatest act of service to his god, he is betrayed. He finds himself in the body of a slime, inheriting odd abilities and an overwhelming circumstance. His only drive for survival is revenge. As a slime, the weakest monster in the world, he must discover a way to gain enough power and get his humanity back.


My Opinion: 268 pages, $3.99, Not Available on Kindle Unlimited

Originally a story on the royal road, the first two arcs are now a novel.

This is a slice of life story where the main character is a slime.  The first arc, about half the story, is all about Lysander being betrayed by his god in this RPG fantasy world and finding himself in the body of a slime. He has all the RPG potential he did as a human: notifications that describe powers, health, and skills that can be learned and improved. Though, how all this works is different for him now that he’s a monster. He spends the first half of the story learning the rules and killing other slimes to become more powerful. His ultimate goal-- kill the god who betrayed him.

The slime killing gets a little repetitive about 20% in, but push past it, it gets more varied.

The 2nd arc, is a more traditional fantasy story. The main character leaves the area he started out in to help his cat friend. I won’t spoil the the story but there’s some pretty epic fighting near the end. There are fewer RPG power ups but more world building and character development. It’s actually a nice change from the slice of life story in the first arc.

Overall, I this is an entertaining read. There are small errors and little plot holes throughout the story, but none of that takes away from the the story much.

Score: 7 out of 10.

SLIME: Call of Tuatha (Book 1)