Reincarnation:RPG Part Three: A Short Story

Reincarnation_RPG Pt3.jpg

John died and was reincarnated into a world that resembles his favorite RPG. His in-game level carried over with him and he is overpowered in this run-down world. Keeping his stats secret he looks for a way home, but there are others, reincarnated with stats from their own games hunting for him and they have found him.


My Opinion: 50 pages, $0.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

A quick recap would have been nice. So, here’s one.

Book 1, John was transported to a RPG game world and was supposed to be sacrificed. Instead, he killed the monster that summoned him and is now exploring the larger RPG world. In

Book 2, he realizes he has the abilities and stats from the last game he played. He picks up a couple of new friend, Saarka.

More action, fighting, and exploration of this RPG world. There’s also a new thread of the story that’s introduced where the MC fights other people summoned to this world with their own overpowered skills. Good stuff, even if the end emotional resolution feels a bit forced.

Score: 7 out of 10.

Reincarnation:RPG Part Three: A Short Story