This is Our Land (Emerilia Book 5)

The Aleph were nearly wiped out for tampering with technology borne from Jukal Portals. The Demon's of Devil Crater were almost turned to a footnote in history for rebelling against the Dark God. The Beast Kin were seen as a threat with their natural high affinities.

Now all of these races have started to come back, the first stage in Bob's plan to save Emerilia.

With the Stone Raider's help the Aleph have recovered their cities, stepping down the path to reviving their society. Now the Demon's and Beast Kin of Devil's Crater ask the Stone Raiders to once again stand with an exiled race.

This is their land, and they will fight the pantheon and Jukal to the bitter end in order to defend it.


My Opinion: 376 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Good action filled novel. 50% is a huge massive battle scene at the battle of Demon’s Crater. There’s plenty of explosions, magic, and enough killing of bad guys to satisfy just about anyone.

The other 50% of the story is the creation of alliances between the new races, crafting, kingdom building, and some hints at some upcoming storylines. All good stuff.

Score: 8 out of 10.

This is Our Land (Emerilia Book 5)