Kingdom Level Two (LitRPG: Kingdom Series Book 2)

Resigned to his fate, Robert must adapt to his new role as King of Anika. Expected to cleanse the kingdom of its many festering problems, he starts by trying to gain levels and useful skills.

But the daunting task quickly becomes a lesson in humility as he finds himself underpowered and overwhelmed. Desperate for gear and experience points, he stumbles upon a secret place so terrifying he questions whether he can be an adventurer king at all.

For here he must learn the one true skill that matters above all others:



My Opinion: Amazon lists it at 327 but I’d say it’s no more than 150 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Kingdom level 1 re-released at the same time this one was. Originally gave the the first story a poor review because it had over 300 pages in the story, only 30 of which were the actual story. The rest being an entirely different novel. The author has re-released Kingdom Level 1, this time with only the main story, which isn't bad. It’s still a bit expensive for the page count but it looks like those comments you folks left had an impact.

At the beginning of book 2, King Rob is in shock from his actions in book 1 and realizing that he’s been marked by the gods. When he eventually leaves the castle, he takes quest to clear a group of goblins from a nearby farm. Turns out combat is hard, especially when you're still level 3 and don’t have magic.

About 30-70%,  there’s a shift and the main characters teleported to a new Zone where he meets another adventure that is much higher level than him. There he gets a few free levels and some free equipment. Once he’s out of that zone he tries to complete a few more quests on his own.

Overall this is a hack and slash story where the action in only meh. Spelling errors are regular and there are none of the kingdom building mechanics I liked in book 1.

Score: 6 out of 10.

Kingdom Level Two (LitRPG: Kingdom Series Book 2)