Immortality Experiment: A LitRPG Adventure (Territoria Book 1)

Immigrant. Criminal. Genius.

Abandoned as a child and fostered around a foreign city, Nikolay Somov had little hope of a successful life. Then he was wrongly convicted of a heinous crime and all hope was dashed.

Imprisoned and awaiting execution, Nikolay receives an offer: Go on a mission inside the secret, government-controlled virtual world known as Territoria or die.

Within the virtual world, Nikolay enrolls in the mysterious Ravenscroft Academy alongside humans, ogres, faeries and gargoyles. As he continues to explore his new home, Nikolay discovers a conspiracy wrought with inhumane actions, driven by his captors’ boundless lust for power.

What he thought was a school for the gifted turns out to be something else altogether. Surrounded by avatars, under constant surveillance, and fearing his mind has been infiltrated, Nikolay must escape or never see the real world again.

This is the second edition of "Ravenscroft Conspiracy," revised and rewritten with the input from readers.


My Opinion: 513 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

In the novel description on Amazon, the author acknowledges that this is a heavily revised edition of the novel the Ravenscroft Conspiracy: A LitRPG Thriller. Gave that one a 4 out 10 because it wasn’t LitRPG. ( )


This story really is a rewritten version of that one. There’s a new introduction to the game world of Territoria, a space walk in VR, and attempts to establish more itself as LitRPG with more game notifications. However, the basic plot is the same. The MC is sent to Ravencroft academy to try and discover the dark secrets it holds. It’s gotten a makeover with lots of game notifications. The author explains away why the other people at the academy act like they’re at a magical academy by telling the reader that they don’t know they’re in a VR simulation.

The author rewrote his story and added enough more than enough game mechanic details to qualify as LitRPG to me. However, the novel still isn’t particularly appealing to me since at it’s core it’s still the same magical academy story.

Score: 6 out of 10.

Immortality Experiment: A LitRPG Adventure (Territoria Book 1)