War in the Greenwood: A LitRPG Novel

You can level yourself, but can you level a village?

The game world is at war, the forest burns, and rookie ranger Barcud is the only one with the total war skills to rescue everything he loves.

Allies are few. Foes are many. And time is short.

In their moment of crisis, his guildmaster tasks him to found a village and level it fast to halt the enemy horde in its tracks.

Barcud must make all his logged-in hours count to snatch victory from defeat and save the world for himself and his friends.

War in the Greenwood is the third book in the LitRPG saga The Greenwood.


My Opinion: 289 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

When the evil Attila becomes the leader of the city of Horrabia, a plan is hatched by the forces of good to found a new Ranger city as a bait to show the good cities of the danger from Attila. Barcud the ranger, has been chosen to found and build up the new city in a real time strategy type build system. He used his skills to manage resources, hire NPCs, and build up his new city in preparation for the war coming to the Greenwood.


If you’ve read the other stories in the series, you’ll recognize characters from all the other novels and short stories.

The first part of this story is a fun Real Time Strategy (RTS) description of building the new ranger city, managing resources, hiring NPCs, managing population, assigning jobs, and increasing NPC fighter levels.

There’s a little questing at the 27-42% mark meant to raise a few important characters levels with a ‘who done it’ mystery quest. While interesting, it feels out of place in the context of the novel. This actually feels like a short story that was inserted into this story.

Large scale combat from here on. Back and forth of combat. Seeking of NPC allies. Sieges, and tactical combat. All good stuff.

Score: 7 out of 10.

War in the Greenwood: A LitRPG Novel