Critical Failures V (Caverns and Creatures Book 5)

Many view "hitting rock bottom" as foundation on which to rebuild one's life, a place from which one can only ascend.

Gamers know to search for a secret door leading down to the sewer.


My Opinion: 303 pages, $4.99, Available Kindle Unlimited

The core gang you’ve come to love over the course of the last four books has broken up. Katherine and her brother Tim are on their own. Tempers flare when the larger group thinks Tim is trying to screw them over after a member of his group accidently steals the dice they need to get home to the real world.

What follows is a funny multi-narrative story where everyone is searching for TIm. People are forced to take sides and of course, nothing goes as planned for anyone.

Funny as heck. Very potty humor funny. Lots and lots of cursing.

There are a lot of WTF moments.

One of the few flaws in this series is the ever expanding list of characters. If you haven't read all the previous books, or if it’s just been awhile since you’ve read them, it's hard to jump into one of the stories and know who’s who. I’d recommend starting with book 1 in the series which is often free on Amazon or $0.99.

Score: 7 out of 10

Critical Failures V (Caverns and Creatures Book 5)