Mundis Mori: A LitRPG Adventure

Haye's life sucks. Hard. But playing Mundis doesn't. All he wants in the whole world is to ride his Demon Steed. On his way to get his steed, naked and helpless, he is betrayed and left for dead at the bottom of the Black Hole of Calcutta. He swears to destroy his betrayer, and using the last of his meager savings he hires the Thrill Kill Cult to help him. The closer they get to revenge, the stranger things get, until his virtual vendetta leads to real blood.


My Opinion:263 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

The first third of the novel is a story about the lengths one player will go to enact his digital revenge on a ganker. There’s no PVE in this section, it’s all PVP. It’s more a story about player behavior and some of the crazy things motivated players do in game. At just about every level of play in the story, I can recall stories or experiences from my own gaming past. Nothing as extreme as what happens in the story but there were times I wanted to. Especially playing games like Shadowbane.

At about the 33% mark, the story turns to the real world and stays there for the rest of the novel, another 40%. The group of four has to try to figure out what to do when they stumble on some shady stuff happening in the game and the bad guys come after them in real life.  It becomes about these four online cohorts meeting IRL for the first time, becoming friends, and dealing with these bad guys. It does a good job of staying interesting but doesn’t have much to with the game.

Last 25% is a sample of another author’s story and a large footnote section.

Score: 7 out 10.

Mundis Mori: A LitRPG Adventure