The Way of the Clan 4 (World of Valdira)

The online game of Valdira. An enormous, mysterious world readily accepts anyone into its arms, with guaranteeing endless adventures, epic battles and fabulous treasures. Countless clans fiercely fight for land, participate in wars, spin intrigue and lead spy battles. And somewhere out there, in the endless expanses of Valdira, the adventures of Rosgard continue, thanks to fate and his own personal stubbornness. He has become the Great Navigator, destined to lead the naval armada and guide it directly to the ancient lost continent…

My Opinion: This is a Russian LitRPG novel translated into English. I loved the 1st book in the series and have been slightly more disappointed with each novel that has come after. The 4th book is by far the most poorly translated. If you can get past all the errors in writing you may find a story you can enjoy.

The Way of the Clan 4 (World of Valdira)

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