Second Saga

Landon was born only to have his parents die at a young age. Without a memory of them he is raised at an orphanage and a new family is created in his heart. In a world where money controls everything, he must somehow find a way to bring his family happiness and one day he gets the chance he’s been dreaming off. He joins Second Saga’s VRMMO and fights with no experience in the gaming world. With no money, no power, and no experience he must persevere to change the fate that others had already given up on.

Not long after joining the game, an accident occurs and he is killed at level 1. However it’s supposed to be impossible to die at level 1, thus the impossibility grants him a skill that will become his first step to being a Core Gamer.

My Opinion: A good story with plenty of chapters (92 and counting). The main character grows through struggle and lots of luck. Great action action and adventure.