Insania Online

Welcome to the world of Insania, a game where you can play however you want! An expansive world ruled by a top tier AI capable of accommodating each and every player and their needs!

Here we follow the story of Richard, and his avatar, the golem Gondorrer, as he comes and plays a MMO in one of the most difficult ways for no other reason than a sudden impulse, and fail miserably a few times before finally getting it right.

Follow him in his adventures, composed by epic monster battles, custom made equipment, bad jokes, not right in the head friend, along with an unhealthy addiction to Monster Hunter, lots of rolling and window-balls!

My Opinion: This LitRPG has a great theme of the main character trying to replicate the feel of his favorite game Monster Hunter in the VR world Insania. The author does a great job of never letting the character feel over powered or unrealistic but still maintains the fun progression of a VRMMO. Really look forward to the new chapters released almost daily.