Chronicle of the Eternal

The human population exhausted the world’s resources, leading to cataclysmic environment changes and the imminent extinction of all life on the planet. Humanity went digital. Minds were scanned, encoded, and transferred to the virtual world of Grandosa. Reproduction among those once human is now a cold, sterile affair fraught with new complications.

Regal is a young boy. He is what is referred to as a Soulless; someone accused of lacking a soul due to diminished emotions and driven by logic. His parents abandoned him, choosing the Eternal Rest. He is left with no one to rely on other than himself as a series of unfortunate events force him to adjust his outlook on life.

My Opinion: This is a really good story written by D. Wolfin, author of the End Online series. You just have to wait a little for the LitRPG parts. Regal is an orphan in an RPG world. He goes to a school that teaches their students about the magic and fighting mechanics of the world and how to fight in dungeons. There are good action and crafting scenes but it is also a slice of high school life story.

Score: 7 out of 10

Chronicle of the Eternal: Volume 1