The Digital Coyote (Thousand Tales) (Volume 3)

Immortality was a fringe benefit. Pete signed up to have his brain diced, so he could become a better person. Now he lives in the virtual reality realm of Talespace, where he beta-tests everything from new game rules to mental upgrades to robots that will let his AI boss help people in the real world. As brain-uploading technology starts to become more than a toy for the rich, the now-divided America isn't the only place where Talespace's new society, buggy as it is, is badly needed. Will Pete's new home become an irrelevant gamer heaven, or a force for liberty? In Talespace you can change your body, fly, build starships, befriend native AIs eager to learn about the dangerous world outside, and try to find a home and happiness. Even if there's an unexplained asterisk on your account information. Some days Pete pilots robots on diplomatic missions back "Earthside". Sometimes he learns magic and battles monsters. Oh, and sometimes he tries to outwit a rival AI god. It's a pretty good job to have.

My Opinion: Book 1 in the series is not LitRPG but speculative science fiction about what would possibly happen in a world where a self aware artificial intelligence actually made it possible for humans to digitally upload their minds to game worlds and forsake human bodies all together.

244 pages. Book 3 is the most LitRPG story in the series. There are spell levels, skills, magic, equipment, damage notifications.

Pete uploads his mind to Thousand Tales in an attempt to change who he is. Unfortunately, Ludos the games self aware A.I. can’t modify his mind directly, it’s against her primary coding. So she sends Pete on adventures and has him test new features to change him the hard way.

Score: 5 out of 10

The Digital Coyote (Thousand Tales) (Volume 3)

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