2040: Reconnection: A "Thousand Tales" Story (Volume 2)

Digital Paradise. Some Restrictions Apply. 2040: The video game "Thousand Tales" has become a world. If you can afford to have your brain sliced and scanned, you can live there, maybe forever. Its ruling AI, Ludo, exists to help all her players have fun. For Alma, "uploading" to Ludo's world was a better deal than dying of disease. She's got a new body, magic, uploader and native AI friends, and a country back in the real world that still needs her. Can she reconnect to Earth and make herself useful? She'd better be careful, though, because her new home isn't quite the heaven she expected. Set in the world of "Thousand Tales: How We Won the Game".

My Opinion:  Book 1 in the series is not LitRPG but speculative science fiction about what would possibly happen in a world where a self aware artificial intelligence actually made it possible for humans to digitally upload their minds to game worlds and forsake human bodies all together.

180 Pages. Book 2 is actually LitRPG. The story of Alma, a recent upload into the Thousand Tale’s world, she must find her place in this new digital domain. Alma learns how to be a shaman in Thousand Tales and still works in the real world through a robotic telepresence as a teacher.

The story takes place mainly in the game world Thousand Tales. While there aren’t any level up notifications, the main character does progress. She trains magic skills, goes on adventures, and she even transforms her body. So, LitRPG.

Score: 5 out of 10

2040: Reconnection: A "Thousand Tales" Story (Volume 2)


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