Our Review of Batman V Superman

We’ve divided our opinion into two sections: Spoiler Free, and Major Spoilers. If you don’t want specifics about the movie but still want our impressions read the Spoiler free section only.


Spoiler Free

In one sentence, the best thing about Batman V. Superman is Wonder Woman. She lends grace and interest to an otherwise mediocre movie. On a scale of 1 to 10 the movie rates a 5 at best. How much you enjoy Batman V. Superman depends on your expectations. If you’re expecting it to be as good as Frank Miller’s Batman Returns then you’ll be sorely disappointed. If you go into the film expecting what was promised in the trailers, a fight fest between super friends, well it does deliver there. As a standalone film it’s mediocre. However, if you think of it as a launch platform for an entire series of new movie franchises it hold potential. We give Batman V. Superman a 5 out 10.


Spoilers Ahoy!


·       Lex Luthor sucks as a villain. He feels more like the Joker than the brilliant genius Lex Luther. None of his evil plans make sense unless you take into consideration that cut footage of him with a motherbox.

·       Batman is the moodiest creepy version of the character we’ve seen.

·       Superman is as whiney and emo as he is in Man of Steel. I’m sorry everyone doesn’t like you Clark but I guess being a god among men will have to make up for it somehow.

·       There was so much wasted potential. The first trailer for Batman V Superman hinted at a potential story line where Superman was worshiped as a god and it might have corrupted him in some way. That theme of ‘absolute power corrupting absolutely’ would have been great.

·       There are way too many story lines shoved into this movie. 1) Doomsday being created by Lex as an answer to Superman, 2) Batman’s revenge against Superman, 3) Batman tracking smugglers to Lex, 4) Wonder Woman origin story, 5) Justice League setup, 6) The world coping with the results of Man of Steel and Superman’s role as an absolute power. Really, that’s a lot for one film to carry and do justice to. That’s enough storyline for several films.



·       Batman V Superman builds on the story of Man of Steel and uses those events to propel the story. Batman is angry Superman killed so many people in Man of Steel.

·       The fight scenes live up to the trailer hype.

·       Ben Affleck is a good Bruce Wayne.

·       Wonder Woman! She’s more of a badass than Superman and Batman combined. She cuts off Doomsdays hand for god’s sake. Badass. Plus there’s setup for her own movie set during World War I.

·       Justice League setup. Get to see your first look at Cyborg, Flash, and Aquaman. Sure it was only a couple minutes each but it was still awesome.

Concluding Thoughts

There have been some people that absolutely love Batman V Superman and there are some that have hated it. Rotten Tomatoes has given the film an average rating of 38%, not good. However, Warner Bros International has reported that the movie has brought in $501.9 Million worldwide. So, plenty of people have voted with their wallets. Decide how you feel about a movie for yourself. Go see it.