Author Interview: Aleron Kong

We were lucky enough to interview Aleron Kong, author of the Chaos Seeds series. Not only is he an author but he's a lifesaver, heartbreaker, and the Don of the Mist Village Mafia.

Aleron Kong has written three book- The Land: Founding, The Land: Forging, and The Land: Alliances. The stories focus on Richter. Richter is summoned to The Land, a world that incorporates fantasy elements and RPG mechanics, and must find a way to survive in this new world. In the series Richter finds friends, adventure, and establishes a community. I am personally a huge fan!

You can find all his books on Amazon as e-book. In the notes you’ll find links to the LitRPG Facebook page Aleron started, his Amazon author page, The AMA he has going currently, and our own LitRPG recommendation page.

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