Tomorrowland Review-No Spoilers

By Ramon Mejia

Tomorrowland is a movie that I hadn’t heard much about before it opened in theaters. There were only two trailers I could find for Tomorrowland and both came out about a month before the movie was in theaters. That being the case this movie was a pleasant surprise for me. The theme of the movie is basically: the power of hope and optimism over fear mongering. While that may be over simplifying it a bit, I did find myself leaving the theater with a lighter heart and a stronger sense of optimism.  That was worth the admission price for me. Tomorrowland was an odd combination of futuristic optimism and doom saying foreboding. Yet it worked for me.

The visuals of the film where gorgeous. The Tomorrowland they show off at the beginning of the move and in the trailers is a place I’d love to stay a lifetime. It felt like the hopeful 1950s vision of a future that never came to pass in our world.  The rest of the movie takes place in our world and wasn’t anything to write home about. Except George’s (Frank Walker) house. That was one awesome gadget fest. I would have gladly watched another whole movie about inventor Frank Walker’s adventures. All that is shown in one of the trailers though. There are oddly few other futuristic gadgets shown in the movie.

The main cast from left to right: George Clooney (Frank Walker), Director  Brad Bird,  Britt Robertson (Casey Newton), Raffey Cassidy (Athena),  Hugh Laurie (Nix)

The main cast is great. George is a predictably relatable. Britt Robertson is our heroine and does a passible job. However, it’s the character Athena that I felt the most for. She does a great job of embodying the spirit of her character and making you believe she’s real. I have to say the range of eye twitches that kid has is outstanding on its own.

Go watch Tomorrowland. It’s a great movie for the family. Kids and teens will appreciate the adventure. Adults will appreciate the underlying messages and the adventure.