Our Favorite Podcast Apps

Geek Bytes Podcast produces a great weekly podcast that we put up on our website for free. You can stream our podcast or download it from our site directly. Alternatively, you could streamline the process by subscribing to our podcast and auto-download our Geeky goodness by using a podcast app. Here are few podcast apps we recommend.

Podcasting apps, also known as podcatchers, do more than just play your podcasts. The best apps automatically download and sort the newest episodes of your subscribed podcasts, help manage your subscriptions and can also include a variety of other features.

Top Pick

Pocket Casts -$3.99. (Android, iOS)

Pocket Casts is our top pick for Podcasting apps. It combines good design with a number of useful features. It is not free but the number of great features more than justifies the cost. It is also the only podcast app we recommend that is available on both iOS and Android.

Features: A smart playlisting feature helps you sort and categorize your downloaded content for easy listening. The app also supports video podcasts, auto-downloading, and automatic cleanup of downloaded episodes to save storage space. Pocket Cast also includes quick skip forward and back buttons with configurable time intervals, and a sleep timer.



Player FM-FREE. A great free option for podcatching. It doesn’t have the same number of rich features that a paid app might have but gives you all the basic option.

Features: Users can search for and subscribe to new podcasts based on subject. The app allows you to download episodes for offline play then automatically delete played episodes. Playback options include variable play speed, and sleep timers.

Doggcatcher - $2.99. Ideal for power users, Doggcatcher is filled with a crazy amount of functions

Features: advanced search, variable playback speeds, auto-downloading, auto-deletion, feed customization, auto-cleanup, customization of user interface, and even the ability to run episode diagnostics and send logs to the developer.


iOS (Apple)

Pod Wrangler-FREE. If you’ve never downloaded a podcast to your phone or tablet then this is a great app to begin with. It has a minimalist design and is simple to use. Pod Wrangler makes podcast subscription, episode syncing and background episode downloading a snap. You can subscribe to up to five podcasts to start your podcast experience and with an in-app purchase unlock unlimited subscriptions if you really want to get into listening to podcasts.

Features: Simple design. Easy to find, subscribe, and download podcasts.

iCatcher! $2.99. If you are a podcast pro and want more control over your experience then iCatcher! Is for you. It is feature rich with tons of configurable settings.

Features: Configure everything from downloads, and subscriptions to playback settings. Users can subscribe to and download their favorite podcasts from within the app, with Wi-Fi and cellular download options available, as well as background and multi-episode downloads. The player can accommodate variable playback speeds, a sleep timer, multi touch controls, quick jump/back buttons and more.