Mad Max

We'd watch this animated Mad Max

We'd watch this animated Mad Max

Mad Max fan Daz Tibbles created a proof of concept animated Mad Max. The Mad Max franchise has always felt like a series of adventures, so an animated series makes a lot of sense. We’d watch it, would you?

Lego Post Apocalyptic world

Swedish LEGO builders from Swebrick created a huge post-apocalyptic diorama that could easily be a scene from Mad Max or from another similar franchise.

I can imagine Max and Furiosa driving down that road. This just screams for an stop motion short to be made.

Here are some highlights photographed by Jonas Wide and Christer Nyberg.

Opening Weekend Battle- Mad Max: Fury Road Versus Pitch Perfect 2

Every weekend this summer we expect major motion pictures to be released. With so few movie dollars available some movies will do better than others. This weekend the big contenders were Mad Max: Fury Road and Pitch Perfect 2.