New GameLitRPG site now open

Blaise Corvin, author of the Delvers LlC, Nora Hazard, and Secret of the Old Ones. Has launched . Blaise plans to make it a community place where authors and readers can post, read stories, write reviews, hang out. Go check it out.

Wizards and Warriors Awards - Nominate your Favorite LitRPG Authors and Series

The 3rd annual Wizards and Warriors awards for best LitRPG are awards nominated and voted on by fans of the the genre and members of the LitRPG Facebook group. This years polls to nominate are available, so go nominate and vote for your favorite authors and series.

Vasily Mahanenko finishes Galatagon Russian

Author Vasily Mahanenko, author of the Way of the Shaman series, announced this week that he’s finished the 2nd book in the Galactogon series, his Sci-Fi LitRPG. The series had been on hiatus for a few years. Now we only have to wait till Feb/March 2019 for it to be translated and edited into English.

Update on Jeffrey Falcon Logue's Slime Dungeon Game


Jeffrey Falcon Logue, author of the Slime Dungeon Chronicles, has an updated boss fight for his side scroller Slime Dungeon game. It looks pretty neat, though I feel like it’s missing an evil boss laugh somewhere in there.

Michael-Scott Earle suspended from Amazon (Update again)

Michael Scott Earl is the author of over 65 books, including several LitRPG series. This week he was hit with the suspension hammer from Amazon. According to the author, he was given no reason for the suspension and Amazon has not responded to his requests for more information.

Aleron Kong nominated for Dragon Award

This week on a live stream, Aleron Kong announced that he was nominated for a Dragon Award for Best Fantasy! The Dragon Awards are a completely fan based nomination and award that are handed out during DragonCon. So, go vote for your favorite authors.

Blaise Corvin Cover art reveal

Blaise Corvin (author of the Delvers LLC series, Nora Hazard, and Secret of the Old Ones) revealed the cover for a new LitRPG series he’s writing with Outspan Foster (Slime Gods, Branded) that is titled First Song. Blaise also mentioned in the same post that he hopes to have this novel available in September.

Blaise also mentioned he’s looking to publish Nora Hazard book 2 in August and a secret project he’s working on with William Arand in October.

LitRPG Authors on Drunken Dice Podcast (Video)

Author R.A Mejia was recently on Druken Dice, a video podcast where ‘the dice aren’t the only things loaded.’ Charles Dean’s latest podcast where he and some friends play a tabletop RPG. This week it was a custom FATE game, Blaise Corvin was the GM, Jeff Hayes, Dakota Krout, Charles, and myself were all players.

Blaise Corvin Interview - Game Reads (Video)

Blaise Corvin, author of the Nora Hazard series, Secret of the Old Ones, and Delvers LLC series, recently did an interview with a new interview podcast called Game Reads. They talk about Blaise’s books, GameLit, and of course weapons and armor.