LitRPG and GameLit Deals this weekend

James Baldwin has also organize a whole group of LitRPG and GameLit authors to discounted/Free books in their series for a convention and also just to promote their works. There are various time limits on the sales, most from expire 4/20/19, so get them quick.

Andrea Parsneau panelist at PortCon Maine 2019


Andrea Parsneau is going to be a guest panelist at Protcon Main in June 2019. If you’re in the area or at the con, go watch her panel and show your support of one of the best LitRPG narrators.

Life Reset series heads to Kindle Unlimited


Shemer Kuznits announced that all of the Life Reset books have been placed on KU to promote the release of a separate series he’ll be publishing next month. Go enjoy these novels, it’s the first time they’ll be on KU I believe.

Join this group to get Charles Dean to sing us a song Live!


Charles Dean has issued a challenge. If his favorite fan group, Spoiled Rotten Readers gets 300 followers by the end of April, he will do some special performances that will be live broadcast for all to enjoy. In his own words:


If we reach 300 members for spoiled rotten readers by the end of April, I shall pull a Chris Johns and narrate / sing and little. I’ll try to rope Jeff Hays and Annnie into the narration, so we can do a mini play with one of the books. Don’t worry about them finding out, they ignore tags.


The group is currently at 251 of the needed 300 followers. So, if you’re like me and want to see the author of War Aeternus and the Bathrobe Knight do some fun skits and songs, please join the group. Full disclosure: Charles is a friend of mine and I really just want to see him do silly things live on the air.


S.L. Rowland interviewed by JVJ Podcast


S.L. Rowland, author of Pangea Online series and Sentenced to Troll,  was interviewed by the JVJ podcast recently. They talk about his novels, LitRPG, why he chose to make an audiobook out of it, and future plans. Give it a listen.

Slime Dungeon Game Update (Video)


Jeffrey Falcon Logue, author of the Slime Dungeon Chronicles, has released an update on the side scroller game he’s making based on that property. It has a variety of monsters, new locations, new slime powers, and some pretty great music. It looks very impressive.

John Van Stry legal battle with piracy site and GoFundMe effort


If you haven’t heard of, it is a website that lets its users post pirated ebooks for anyone to download. Not only do they list files, but actively promote popular pirated titles for people to download. The piracy site has a ton of authors including including many LitRPG ebooks. Travis Robert McCrea, the site founder and manager, has also regularly been accused of ignoring Take Down and DMCA notices sent by authors.


His response to the accusations?


“If people don’t think that I am upholding my duties as a web developer or the website owner to prevent copyrighted material from entering my website ... take me to court,” he said. “I’m confident that I’m upholding the letter of the law.”

( )


Well, John Van Stry, author of the Portals of Infinity series, Valen’s Legacy series, and Days of Future Past series, has had enough and is suing the founders and managers of that site. He’s already invested over $19K of his own money in the legal battle with piracy site eBook.Bike.


Now, John Van Stry has started a GoFundMe campaign to help cover future legal costs associated with the battle and readers and authors have responded. He’s raised $20K of the $30K goal in just a few days, which reflects the sheer frustration that authors have had with the site.


On a related note,  Travis Robert McCrea tried to also do a GoFundMe to cover his side of the legal expenses but it was shut down, likely because it violated some terms of service or because of user complaints.


You can read a little about many author’s issues with McCrea and his responses at the link below.


Authors & Dragons convention

Robert Bevin, author of Critical Failures series, has setup a mini-con in Las Vegas this September 21-22. It’ll be centered around the hilarious Author’s & Dragons podcast, where a group of authors that play D&D online together and then podcast about it. Super funny podcast that’s also worth a listen.

Interview with Dan Sugralinov (Video)

LitRPG 159.jpg

The interview with Dan Sugralinov, author of Level UP series,  I did last week has been edited so that the parts where translation occurs is a more streamlined. But please check it out, it was a really fun and insightful conversation. We talked about Dan’s writing process, how he balances writing and family time, inspiration for his stories, and how when he was a kid he wrote an alternate 3rd Lord of the Rings novel cause in Russia they only translated two of the books.

Also, note that Dan actually sent in written responses to all the pre-interview questions I sent him so you have the unique opportunity to read his answers. Even a few to questions he didn’t get asked in the video interview.

Submit your Divine Dungeon Short Story

Mountaindale Press is taking submissions for an anthology set in the Divine Dungeon Universe. There are a bunch of details you’ll have to be aware of including a deadline for submission of March 25th. But this is a chance to write in your favorite story universe.

LitRPG ReRoll Shout Out

There is a new LitRPG reviewer, Lavelle Jackson, on YouTube who publishes under the name LitRPG Re-Roll. I just wanted to give a shout out to the reviewer. He’s taken the time to not only read LitRPG but put together his thoughts on the story and game mechanics. He’s only done a few reviews so far but I’m sure he plans to do more. Good luck to you man and keep putting up those video reviews!

Blaise Corvin steps back from GameLit Society

Blaise Corvin, author of Delvers LLC, Nora Hazard, Secrets of the Old Ones, First Song, and Asgard Awakening, has announced this week that he’ll be taking a step back from the GameLit Society group that he founded on Facebook.

Shadow Alley Press announces latest release schedule

James Hunter and Shadow Alley Press made some announcements this week in regards to upcoming projects from the company. Including details about the end of the main VGO series, series set in the same universe but written by other authors, and updates on other stuff written by James A. Hunter

Awaken Online: Dominion gets release date

Travis Bagwell, author of the Awaken Online series, announced this week that the latest book in the series, Awaken Online: Dominion,  will be released on Feb. 28th. However, due to some unforeseen issues, the audiobook won’t come out at the same time. Instead, it’ll come out at a later date. The author has been known for his simultaneous releases in book ebook and audiobook formats, so it’ll be slightly disappointing to some fans. But still, Yaaay, a new Awaken Online book.

Update from MSE on Amazon thing


Update from MSE on Amazon thing from his Fan group on Amazon

Update time.

Lawyers have communicated with Amazon. They've asked me to show them all my advertising stuff and places where I've promoted my books. My lawyers have asked them to give us details about the specific reasons they banned me (AKA evidence I was doing anything wrong), since they didn't bring any to the meeting.

Our next meeting is Feb 14th. Fingers crossed it goes well. Thanks for hanging in there.