Times of Change (Emerialia book 7)

As the Stone Raiders come into a time of peace, they set upon building up their guild hall and getting back to raiding.

Without the worries of immediate battles and constant quests, Dave and Party Zero are free to pursue their passions. New discoveries will be made and advances taken. They've got big plans and ideas for the future what they start now will form and shape that future.

In this time of change, possibilities will rise and opportunities will be grasped. It's time to build for the future.


My Opinion: 448 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

In the last novel, there was this huge epic battle that resolved some long-standing plotlines. So, it’s not surprising that this one is a preparation novel. It spends most of it’s time preparing the characters to face off against the hugely dangerous creatures and battles coming up in book 8. That doesn’t mean it’s not a good story or that there aren’t good fights, it just means that more time is spent on other things that a main epic battle.

I’d describe the novel as a combination of grinding out levels and combat experience for all the main factions, a few awesome fights, some great creations from Dave, an update on some larger plotlines, and the introduction of a few new characters.

Most of the level grinding is done by the Stone Raider’s guild in the Temple of Affinities that’s featured on the cover. Most of it isn’t that exciting but it is necessary since the first major monsters from Bob’s prison are going to be released soon and everyone has some serious leveling up to do if they’re going to stand a chance. There is a pretty cool new character that’s introduced from this grind that I think has some potential bad assness.

There are also three beings of power that are released that I’m sure the team will have to deal with in the next novel but one of them is taken on in this novel and is a pretty epic, if short, fight.

There are also updated within the storylines with the space humans, the dragons, the gods, and the dwarven tournament.

However, the thing I really enjoyed reading the most about were the new inventions that Dave has come up with. I mean there is some truly awesome stuff that not just for the immediate fights but stuff that meant for long term fights with the Jukal Empire. Oh, and did I mention Dave makes **Spoilers** magical power armor? Freaking magical power armor!

Overall, a good read and I’m expecting some epic fights to go down in book 8.

Score: 7 out of 10.

Times of Change (Emerialia book 7)