Gamer For Love (Alpha World Book 8)


Alburet came to Alpha World as a tester for the government. What he found wasn’t what he expected, but what he needed. Together with his three wives, they had survived the revelations and grown closer. Now, other problems had come to the fore, demanding to be dealt with.

Given a quest by the Overlord, Alburet and his wives had a goal that they could not ignore, because failing it would shatter their family. To even have a chance at success, they would need to reach max level as quickly as they could for the first end-tier raid.

The raid would bring Alburet back to where it all began: the Lost Prison of Alctriuz. There, Stein resided, raising an army of cultists and undead to topple Stormguard and the world. A raid event that would involve hundreds of players and thousands of NPCs was brewing.

Welcome to the final installment of Alpha World.

(This book contains adult themes. You’d think I could stop with these disclaimers, but even this far into the series, people are shocked by the content. This book contains a polyamorous relationship, with one of the four people in it being a Succubus. You’ve been warned.)

My Opinion: 688 pages, $5.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Full disclosure: I received a copy for review, I purchased a copy when it became available. 

This is the last book in the series and you can tell. All the story and questline are being completed. Villains throughout the series are defeated. And there's an ever present march to confront Stein and his followers in a massive raid. 

There’s lots of action and level grinding as the group reaches the level cap for the game. However, the emotional resolutions are definitely a highlight with reports of several scenes bringing readers to tears. I’ll admit that I saw a couple of the revelations coming, but that didn’t make them any less meaningful. 

Overall, this is a good ending to the beloved series and I can’t wait to read the next series.

Score: 7.5 out of 10

Gamer For Love (Alpha World Book 8)