Fostering Faust: Book 2


Alex has taken firm control over his county as the Count of Brit. By and large, everything has settled into a fairly normal pattern for him, his numbered, and his wife. 

The problem, of course, is there's still an ongoing war between two duchies, and Regina Tannulf, Alex's liege and lord, has plans for him.

Plans that he wants no part of. Except that he doesn't really have a choice in the matter.

Everything begins to spin back out of control as a messenger from the Wild Lands arrives with a plea for help.

It's time for Alex to get back to work. Leah still owns his soul, and if he wants to keep it safe, he needs to make deals in his favor, in her name.

Warning: This novel explores dark subjects, and what people will give up of themselves, and each other, to get what they want. The main character is written as a real person in a tough situation and will not make choices that line up with societal and cultural norms.

It contains adult themes and moral ambiguities.

As with my previous work, explicit scenes are found within. It has violence and a harem relationship.

This review is written by Ray Johnson of the LitRPG Audiobook Podcast and is for the audiobook version of this story.

Fostering Faust: Book 2

By: Randi Darren

Narrated by: Stephanie Savannah

Length: 13 hrs and 12 mins


Yep, here’s another Randi Darren book. Can I help it if he cranks out masterpieces faster than Don Rickles could insults? So, suck it up pretty babies we is goin on a wild ride.

So Fostering Faust Book 1 was a polarizing novel. I don’t think that people were prepared for the very nature of the story and the fearlessness with which Darren went forward to create this story. He was bold and uncompromising in his vision, and I really respected the hell out of that. Well, things haven’t changed. Book two is just as entrenched in the things that you either loved or hated about book one.

This book is very graphic in nature and I do not say that lightly. This is most likely the hardest edged book on the show. It is not for people who are prudish or squeamish, as there is both hardcore sex and hardcore deaths here. Darren does some significant world building, as our hero becomes embroiled in some politics that he is better off avoiding, but fails to do so and so has to scheme and plot his way out of another fine mess. Alex is exactly the kind of character that I love, he’s a schemer and a manipulator. I far prefer string pullers to sword drawers any day of the week. There is simply something I find fascinating about character who outwits their opponents. Alex lives for moments like that.

The characters, most importantly Alex, all do some serious growing and I must say that his first wife is quickly becoming one of my most cherished of his characters. Not only is she supportive of her husband in every single way, but she is enthusiastic about it and takes great pride in scoring souls for his bargain. She is a diamond among cubic zirconia. We do see a surprising twist with Alex and Leah and their contract, but for me the best part of the book came when Alex is kidnapped. His machinations make Machiavelli look like Mortimer Snerd. (inset pic here) Look him up people it’s more fun that way! I also cherished the way that Alex earned the title of Count Inferno and kept the legend growing whenever he got the opportunity. The ladies are all seductive and servile, but not to a point it is disturbing. Their eagerness to please comes from a place of genuine emotions.

The narration by Stephanie Savannah stuns. She never hesitates and tackles serious material with vigor and enthusiasm. She makes you feel everything that Alex does to his numbered and non-numbered alike. She certainly has the feel for filling the action and emotion in the right spots and keeps each character clearly defined. As juggling acts go she’s flipping live chainsaws and making them look like rubber balls.

Final score? This book pushes boundaries, buttons, boobies, and still tells a clear and entertaining story. Believe me, this book has the potential to become super dark but maintains a balanced perspective with great characters, a cool setting, and nubile narration. 8.5 stars.

Fostering Faust: Book 2

Score: 8.5 out of 10