The Itemancer: Book 1


Rowan Loran is an apprentice Itemancer, able to alter the properties of objects with a touch, using a special type of energy called XP. His master works him hard, and he is content with his lot. Everything changes when a marauding dragon attacks his sleepy hometown, and he kills it. Suddenly he is sitting on an unbelievable pool of XP. Enough to make him a god.

My Opinion: 93 pages, $3.00, Available On Kindle Unlimited

A short story that starts off rather well with a unique RPG progression sysem based on items and gear getting XP and upgrading rather than people. It’s inspired by the Disaea video game series’ game mechanics, which alone was enough to get me to read the story.

The main character (MC) kills a dragon almost by accident but gets so much XP for his itemancer amulet and sword that he gains the ability to create his own upgrades for items. He uses this to turn his sword, amulet, and knife into pretty ladies and the four of them go on adventures. The story doesn’t take itself too seriously and while there are minor harem elements, there is no romance much less sex in the story. It’s mostly just slice of life adventuring and the severely overpowered group gets into trouble and jokes around. 

Overall, it’s a nice short read that tried to use a different kind of progression system. Though it eventually transitions into something more familiar I enjoyed the read just for the attempt. 

Score: 7.1 out of 10

The Itemancer: Book 1