Thirty to Fifty Feral Hogs: A Crematoria Online LitRPG Short Story

Log in to a new life.


Middle-aged and soon-to-be-divorced Neil Cash is sick of his life, and desperately needs a change. He’s one of the first people to log into Crematoria Online, the latest in video game tech where players transfer their consciousnesses into the game world.

Let it get under your skin.

Neil plays as a Skinwalker, a class that lets players take on Wild Aspects of animals from the world of Crematoria Online and change form at will.

Feral hogs run amok!

Neil stumbles across a cabin in the woods, whose occupant is only concerned with protecting his children from attack by the thirty to fifty feral hogs that threaten his family’s safety!

A standalone adventure.

While this short story is set within the Crematoria Online universe, it can be read as a standalone adventure.

My Opinion: 42 pages, $2.99, Available On Kindle Unlimited

The main character takes the skin-walker class playing a dark and sometimes gory fantasy FIVR game. He explores his class while dealing with a threat to the forest. Good action, straight forward and satisfying short story.

*Note: Apparently there’s a meme reference here. I’m not up on my memes so that may affect your enjoyment. I read it as straight LitRPG and enjoyed it.*

Score: 7.5 out of 10

Thirty to Fifty Feral Hogs: A Crematoria Online LitRPG Short Story