Monster [LitRPG series: The Beetle]


Looking for something new? Here is a new litRPG series with an unusual MC.

The main character is a Virtual Game developer, who forces his way into the game. His character is a beetle who has lost his memory and doesn't consider himself a monster.

He begins to upgrade his skills and get different achievements. He's trying to get to the truth as he pieces together shards of his memories, which he can't completely trust. As his intelligence grows, his memories are coming back.

The realm he falls into is an underground world, which consists of ten levels, with different caves, tunnels, and monsters.

The dungeons are full of hostile beetles of different types, forms, and sizes. There are a clear hierarchy and division between them. At the same time, two endless wars are going on: one between monsters' clans, and the other between monsters and humans.

My Opinion: 459 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

A Re: Monster kind of story where the main character (MC) is a monster that can absorb attributes from other monsters, evolve his body and mind by spending XP, and level. The early part of the story mostly focuses on that, with the MC exploring his world as a new born monster and learning the rules. Then it expands beyond this monster starter zone into the larger world with human players of various classes. It’s all pretty slice of life, but it’s neat to see what evolutions the MC makes and how his view of the world is shaped by being a monster. Not an overly complex story but entertaining.

Score: 7.5 out of 10

Monster [LitRPG series: The Beetle]