Edge of the Abyss (Respawn Trials Book #1) LitRPG Series


He had thought that he'd already experienced everything that a normal life had to offer. He'd thought he could clearly see what his future holds. Then a sudden phone call changed everything. The Edge of the Abyss was the first full-scale virtual reality, where he was asked to complete a simple task... and which turned out to be far from heaven.

He found himself in a terrifyingly realistic digital world whose rules he didn't know. Seemingly simple tasks suddenly required him to make moral choices - while refusing to do them would take him to places where the barrage of respawns could send one mad...

My Opinion: 368 pages, $3.99, Available On Kindle Unlimited

Full disclosure: I received an advanced copy for review. I purchased a copy when it became available.

The main character (MC) is just a guy trying to help out his nephew by taking over his virtual side job in an MMO called Edge of the Abyss. There are clear rules given to the MC: Don’t accept quests, Don’t change the character, Don’t level up past 10. But things never go to plan and the MC gets caught up in a series of personal quests that take him across the game world into places players have not ventured since the last cyber war. There he will discover just how engaging VR can be and how virtual conflicts can spill out into the real world.

From the author of The Neuro and The Phantom Server series comes a slice of life fantasy VRMMO LitRPG story. This is a bit of a departure from the sci-fi oriented stuff the author has done, but it’s just as well written and has a similar depth of game mechanics and lore. I was surprised at how well done the real life storyline was written, but then I remembered who the author was and how good a storyteller he is. The game stuff is pretty slice of life with a clear introduction to the game mechanics via the MCs experience, but lots of action and adventure. The MC fails and learns all along the way but through endurance and persistence grows in power. There’s not a set plot, but some well strung together chain quests that remain interesting the entire story.

Score: 7.7 out of 10

Edge of the Abyss (Respawn Trials Book #1) LitRPG Series