Dungeon Maker


Ace Cross is not your typical NEET, although he has all the making of one and is recluse, he is still a very outdoor type of person. One day he is killed (by a truck no less even after dodging off the road) his soul was going to white light in the sky (the sun) but before he could arrive a magical circle appears and he is pulled in and given a second chance at life in a magical world under the most cliche trope of anime, as a summoned hero.

He isn't 'the' hero though, he got the most uncommon hero class and something that has been extinct in all the nations blocking the advance of the demon lord. That is the Dungeon Maker. As a very unusual class that makes not only death traps but proper dungeons with ecosystems, this is the life of humanities first dungeon maker in 1,000 years since the demon lord war began. This is not just a story of battling the demon lord but also of how our heroes making a new life force themselves as all of them died in their original worlds.

My Opinion: 281 pages, $3.00, Available on Kindle Unlimited

A fairly decent slice of life story that pokes fun at the transported to a fantasy world genre but at the same time does a fairly entertaining job of showing a neat new class for the summoned hero. The new class, Dungeon Maker, is a dungeon master that can build and store a dungeon in a special book and upgrade it with built traps, mana producing plants, and even puppet monsters. Instead of using the dungeon to lure in adventurers, like a dungeon core or dungeon master would, instead he uses the dungeon to lure in and kill monsters and other enemies. It’s a decent enough twist that it was entertaining to see how the class progresses. There are plenty of notifications, status screens, and class information to satisfy most readers that like interesting LitRPG builds. Combat, is a more mixed bag. The first instance of the dungeon being deployed against goblins was frankly tedious. It just described monsters running to traps and dying, hardly a tense action scene. Thankfully, after that most descriptions of the monsters in dungeons are summarized with resources distributed. Most of the story focuses on either the class progression, with the MC gradually learning more and more about his powers and developing them, or the parody drama from the demon lord, the royal family, or other trope story points. 

Overall, it’s a decent read. I like the places where the author made fun of the tropes of the summoned hero story and the dungeon maker class was interesting enough to keep me reading. The story wasn’t engaging enough though that I’d read a second book though. 

Score: 7.2 out of 10

Dungeon Maker