End of an Era (Project Chrysalis Book 2)

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Test your might.

This world is bigger than you could ever imagine. Chrysalis is full of danger, giant raid-bosses, guilds of skillful fighters and gods, whose power is both enormous and infinite. Too bad Anji has unwillingly crossed the path of so many of them.

His simple wish to be happy with at least virtual parents has turned into a disaster. To delete the character and start over again was the simplest way out. But not for Anji. He has already faced Death himself, walked over fire fields of Hell and his crusade is far from over.

In order to face this world with his head held high, Anji will do his best to become stronger, no matter what it takes him, no matter how much of forbidden magic he will have to use. Even if it means becoming a monster people fear more than Death.

Still, Anji’s social skills, psychological and emotional conditions continue to worry adults. Betrayed and wounded so deeply by people he thought he could trust, will he ever be able to communicate properly, to find his own place in a real world… to find someone, anyone, to trust, a friend, a comrade-in-arms? And what if that friend is not quite human?

Life changes for those who are full of determination and ready to act. And Anji is not the only one willing to fight for his selfish goals. The world of Chrysalis is at the edge of a new era. The hordes of undead, led by ancient gods, prove again and again how easy it is to tear apart young guilds. This is not a war fought by humans, as they might have led you to believe; this is a sphere for the gods to fight.


My Opinion: 176 pages, $5.99, Not on Kindle Unlimited

Definitely a bit expensive for the page count but if you enjoyed book 1, this is a worthwhile read. In just about every way, this is a more refined version of book 1. It leaves behind much of the real world drama and focuses on the in-game storyline. It’s still very slice of life, but there main character (MC) has some very clear goals he’s looking to accomplish and the story overall feels more focused. In addition to the interesting combat situations where the MC uses the powers he established in book 1, there are some really neat story arcs that include his search for his parents, a test for a elite Hunter organization, and some gods looking to put the hurt on the MC.

Overall, I had a good time reading the story and it went by surprisingly quick. I’ll definitely pick up book 3 to see where the story goes.

Score: 7.4 out of 10

End of an Era (Project Chrysalis Book 2)